Basic Grooming for Dog (1hr ~ 3h)

  • Nail Clipping
  • Plucking of ear fur to prevent dirt build-up
  • Cleaning of ears to check for infections and mites
  • Shaving of Belly + Anal + Pawpad Fur for hygiene
  • Anal gland expression (Optional, upon request)
  • Bathing, blow dry and complete with brushing
  • Round Paw & trim the excess fur around the eye

Basic Grooming for Cats (1h ~ 3h)

  • Nail Clipping
  • Cleaning of ears to check for infections and mites
  • Shaving of belly fur (optional) + Pawpad fur
  • Bathing, blow dry and complete with brushing

Full Grooming for Dogs and Cats
(2h ~ 4h)

  • Basic Grooming + full body clipping / scissoring

Grooming with Takara Pets

Why Choose Us?

Takara Pets has adopted an open concept for Pets Grooming. Owners can relax in the viewing area and enjoy a cup of Bubble Milk Tea while waiting for their precious one being groomed. All Grooming are complimentary with Ozone Sanitizer rinising. This is a natural and effective way to kill bacteria that are on our pets without using any toxic chemicals.

We focus more on scissoring rather than clipping for dog as there are more benefit
over this method such as below:

  • Avoid clipper burns
  • Gives a more natural look
  • Able to hide visible fault of the dog
  • Show more contours of the dog
  • Good for pets who fear the sound of the clipper
  • Able to achieve more styles which cannot be done by clipper
  • Gentle on dog's skin especially dog with sensitive skin/ skin problem
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Cancellation or Deferment

Please allow at least 24hrs notice should there be an urgent need of cancellation or deferment of grooming appointments, please kindly contact us.

* Special Note

  • We will not be able to groom your pet if we find that it is unwell or having serious infection;
    It will be advisable for you to bring him/her to visit the vet in such situation.
  • All prices listed are based prices, actual pricing may varies after we examined your pet.
  • We will recommend a 'shave down' cut (Botak) if your pet is severely matted
  • Owners are advised not to distract their pet during grooming because they have the tendency to feel uneasy especially when they know your presence. This might cause danger to both the groomer or/and your pet.
  • We will need to muzzle your pet if it is aggressive to prevent injuries for both the groomer or/and your pet.
  • Kindly ensure that your pet have at least two vaccinations if it is a puppy/kitten.