Owners please take note:

Before the Check-in and Check-out for your precious, a form will be given to you for acknowledgment. Takara Pets's staff will be taking the following measures:

  1. Check for any matt or tangle for long-coated pet.
  2. Check for any presence of injuries.
  3. Check for any presence of external parasite.
  4. Check for any abnormal sign. Eg. swollen eyes, etc.
  5. Accounting for your pet personal item(s).

Please have yourself or your family member to be present while these measures being taken.


  • Takara Pets remains to have the rights to decline Check-in for any pets, in the event of any measure A) to D) is found. It is to safeguard your pets and other pets.
  • Takara Pets will not responsible if your precious happened to pass away of old age during their stay.
  • Please do not abandon them while boarding. If you do not wish to keep them please tell us, we will put it up for adoption.

To book appointment, please contact us with your name, date of staying and your pet breed. Kindly book your appointment 1 week in advance to secure a desired time/day. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Thank You


Pet Care at Takara Pets

We provide pet care service especially dedicated to busy owners. Rest assured that your loved ones will be well cared for. Reduces pet's anxiety, boredom and subsequent destructive behaviours.

We provide this service for dogs and cats only.


House rule for DOGS & CATS pet care

  • Dog/ Cats must be on up-to-date tick and flea prevention
  • All dogs must be AVA licensed. Owners to take their own risk for unlicensed dogs. Takara Pets will not be responsible for each unlicensed dog fined by AVA.
  • Male dogs are to be sterilized if not it will be separated from the others if there are female dogs on heat.
  • For female dog/cat, heat period must notify in advance.
  • Dogs who do not bark excessively
  • Aggressive dogs will be kept away from others.
  • Any kind of allergies must be specified and any particular activity or subject that must avoid must also be notified before boarding.
  • No forms of body punishment to the animals but will only give them a short scold if they do wrong thing.
  • Owner has to bring enough food for your pets during the period of stay.
  • Please do not give us raw meat. Dried food is recommend to maintain the freshness of the food or you can let your dog/cat try our vegetarian dried food or home cooked food (there will be an additional charge for HCF).
  • Inform us of any routines you might have, like giving commands before your pet gets his meal or the time for peeing & pooing.

Rate for Dog and Cat

Small- S$25 per night
Medium(only on special request)
- S$35 per night

S$25 per night

  • Full payment is required on/before the start of service
  • There will be an additional charge of $2/per hour for collection after 7pm.
  • If the boarding day happened to crash with any festival (eg. Christmas day, New year day) there will be an additional charge of $10/day for these days. [eg. $25x 2days=$50 +$10(Christmas day) total: $60]
  • If the boarding day happened to crash with any festival EVE (eg. Christmas eve, New year eve) there will be an additional charge of $5/day for these days. (eg. $25x 2days=$50 + $5(Christmas eve) total: $55 )

Please bring the following items during the stay:

  • Collar & leash
  • Food in airtight container
  • Cleaning or bathing solution ( Optional, if you want your pet to bath during the stay. There will be additional charge. If your pet stay more than 7 days, it will be free of charge.)
  • Your precious favourite toy or pillow/ bed/ blanket for a more comfortable environment (optional)
  • Vet name & location, a contact number for emergencies & best with your dog health booklet
  • Flea & tick control product to play safe
  • Your voice (optional) record in a CD so that if your dog is feeling low, we can play it to him hoping it to feel better since you are away
  • Other thing that you think is needed for your precious
  • Food bowl
  • Cat sand/crystal (for cat/ kitten only)