Amberlene Chai:
takara pets is definitely the BEST grooming center i've ever been !!
seriously i won't mind sending my dog from serangoon all the way to cck just to being groom by the friendly & skillful Dylan & April !! Dylan is a very nice and responsible and passionate pet owner & groomer!he will definitely take good care of ur fury pet :D Takara Pets will even go an extra mile !!
thank you so much Dylan & April! my 3 bunnies are happy & clean rabbits now !!

Steven & Linda (Owner of Mocca The Cross Breed):
Our doggy son, Mocca 1st boarded with Takara Pets from 16 Aug to 19 Aug 2009. The recent boarding service we engaged them was from 30 Nov to 2 Nov 2009.When Dylan came to our place to fetch Mocca on 30 Nov in the morning, Mocca is super happy to see him from far and waggy his tail at a very fast speed and non-stop. Being a very friendly and humble young guy, Dylan squatted down, addressed Mocca gently and gave him a good pat. Mocca immediately put his front paws on Dylan’s shoulders and started to lick (kiss) at Dylan’s face non-stop. I saw from my kitchen window that Mocca get to sit with Dylan in the front seat of his car. I observed Mocca continue to waggy his tail nonstop.

I strongly believed and trust a dog’s instinct. Dylan and Joanne must be really good pet sitters and groomers; sincerely treating and taking care of animals with their big and kind-hearts. If not, my doggy son won’t project such happiness to see Dylan again.

On 1st Nov, Dylan brought our doggy son home. Takara even gave a very nice and meaningful birthday present to Mocca. A very nice yellow t-shirt with wordings stated ‘I love Daddy’. Mocca looked so handsome after groomed by Takara and in his nice doggy t-shirt. My husband and I just can’t stop praising Mocca for being so handsome looking. Mocca walked around the house with head high high and looked so proud of himself too.

A big Thank You to Dylan and Joanne for their kindness to animals, excellent grooming skill, hard work and effort to give a good and happy stay to our pets. For sure, we would continue to let Dylan and Joanne to groom and board Mocca.

Zongyan: Hi Dylan, thanks for your patient and service.I am very happy with maomao's new fur cut. I know it wasn't a easy job to cut fur for him, especially when he is not a friendly little dog. Appreciated all your hardwork and patient. =)

Renee Foo:
Joanne, is a very good seller! She's really a dog lover, her dogs have been greatly taken care well by her. I have met her around 4 times for the dog gathering. For the past dog gathering, she taught all the owners who are present at the dog gathering on " how to clean your dog's ears ". It was really great, now i know how to do it right. All thanks to her. :) When my dog's have any health problems, i'll message her and ask her for solution. She patiently advice me and gave me solutions. :) Thanks so much, Joanne! :D

Joseph Ng, owner of keeno the silky terrier:
After sending my Silky, Keeno, to Takara Pets for grooming (by joanne), he look fabulous! I never know that keeno can look this great. The way he's been groomed is professionally done and not experienced at other grooming stations before. What's more, Kenno likes being groomed here as well. Joanne shall definitely be my designated groomer for Keeno from now onwards!

Steven and Linda:
Our doggy son boarded with Takara Pets from 16 Aug to 19 Aug. Thank you very much for taking such good care of him. We look forward to board Mocca with you again in future. Thank you.

Eunice'':hello! i like the web, you did a great job. its very helpful.

AILIN!!(:: heys,i just adopt 1 yr old plus mini schnauzer!!...Anyway thanks takara pets for all this while guiding..Thank you!!..

Alicia Goh: thanks!this website helped me alot cos i'm getting a dog very soon!

Nicky: Kiki loves the harness so much ^^ Looks sooo cute on her.

Denise: love the harness i brought from her, so unqiue and secure

Sheena: nice seller =D

Doglicacies: Nice friendly gal, love the kimono i bought from her =)